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The State's Devastating Impact on Our Budget

March 30, 2016

North Shore Senior Center manages its budget in a similar way to how you manage yours at home—each month you know approximately how much income you will have, allowing you to pay for expenses. One month you do not receive your Social Security check, but you still have all your bills. How would you manage?

As a nonprofit, North Shore Senior Center manages its budget based on our funders’ promises to pay us for the services we provide. We also expect to be paid at the time services are rendered. Unfortunately, managing a budget when promised payments are delayed is challenging, especially when there is a chance those payments may also be reduced.

The State of Illinois budget impasse is forcing many social service agencies to find new sources of funding. For North Shore Senior Center, the stalemate affects our Senior and Family Services. According to Executive Director Jordan Luhr, “Our biggest concern is for the Community Care Program, which provides services to help low-income and poverty-level seniors to remain independent and stay in their own residences.” While we continue to administer critical assistance to our most vulnerable seniors, the State has been behind on paying North Shore Senior Center since July of 2015—more than nine months ago—and it looks like there is no end in sight. How would you manage your household without income for nine months?

The State’s budget stalemate is a big challenge to the Center’s stability. This year, we anticipated receiving $2.4 million in State funds to support over 6,000 low-income and poverty-level seniors through the Community Care Program. Without this program and our help, these seniors would end up losing their independence, and could potentially end up in a nursing home, costing the State even more. Although the State of Illinois has not paid us since July, we have not reduced the quality of our services nor the number of our Community Care Program clients. We do not have a waiting list nor intend to start one. Nor have we had a reduction in staff serving this vulnerable population. We are committed to our mission and serving these seniors.

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