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Shared Vision: Winnetka Congregational Church Woman's Society Benevolence Committee

March 06, 2018

Giving back to those in need for more than 80 years, the Winnetka Congregational Church Woman’s Society Benevolence Committee has a rich tradition of partnering with like-minded organizations and supporting humanitarian agencies throughout the Chicagoland area. Each year, this church committee selects and then funds social service agencies that provide preventative, crisis and recovery services to underserved people through the congregation’s biannual rummage sale. Net proceeds from the Winnetka Congregational Church rummage sale benefit more than 40 charitable agencies, one of them being North Shore Senior Center. Since 1967, the Center has been awarded more than $158,000 in funds from the Woman’s Society Benevolence Committee. 

According to Winnetka Congregational Church’s Senior Pastor Reverend Jeffrey Braun, North Shore Senior Center and the Woman’s Society Benevolence Committee have a strong engagement to other organizations in the community. “Both make a difference through cooperation and action,” he said.

Seeing and appreciating this shared passion, Pastor Braun agreed to join North Shore Senior Center’s Advisory Council, which brings together influential members of the community who provide ongoing advice and support to the Center. “Our elders are gifts to be honored and engaged. They are filled with such incredible wisdom that can help enlighten, reassure, and ground our world and our communities,” he said. “North Shore Senior Center understands this keenly. Its sense of mission toward older adults meshes both with my personal beliefs and with those of Winnetka Congregational Church and our Benevolence Committee. It’s a fertile partnership.”