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Radford Green at Sedgebrook: Dedicated Corporation and Vested Supporter

August 11, 2016

Janet Burgoon Philanthropic Excellence Award Winner for Dedicated Corporation.

Many programs held at North Shore Senior Center have enjoyed the sponsorship of Radford Green at Sedgebrook over the past three years, but it is the solid relationship between the two organizations that underscores Radford’s steady commitment.

“We love what the North Shore Senior Center does and what it stands for,” says Cissie Gerber, community outreach coordinator at Radford Green. “Sponsoring events like Hot Dog Day and programs for the Men’s Club is a meaningful way to support the Center.”

Each time Cissie sponsors a program, she learns more and more about the Center. “The more I learn about what a tremendous resource North Shore Senior Center offers, the more I can spread the word,” says Cissie. “And so many of the people we serve can benefit from the programs and services there.”

Radford Green at Sedgebrook, located in Lincolnshire, offers a host of services for the senior community, including its five-star rated rehab center specializing in orthopedic care. The facility also offers excellent nursing care for those recuperating from an illness or individuals who need longer term care. Short stays are another option for families and caregivers who live near Lincolnshire and want a break so they can catch up on their rest and responsibilities. “Our respite care program offers caregivers’ loved ones an opportunity to enjoy a change of pace, meet new friends, and explore different interests,” says Cissie. “Guests stay in comfortable furnished, private suites. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Radford Green also provides exceptional memory care in its assisted living program. “Our memory care staff are highly trained to give personalized attention, compassion and encouragement, all of which are essential for patients dealing with memory loss, not to mention their families,” says Cissie. “We have varied programs that are specifically designed for people with Alzheimer’s, for instance.”

Radford Green at Sedgebrook has served as a great model for other organizations that would like to align themselves with North Shore Senior Center. “We’re just happy to be able to support the Center in ways that are meaningful, that can add quality to people’s lives,” adds Cissie. “That’s what it’s about.”