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Opportunities for Learning, Exploring, and Connecting

June 23, 2016

By Mary Staackmann, Director of Lifelong Learning

Embrace all you want to be! Take part in Lifelong Learning opportunities to keep an active mind and spirit with continuous engagement with peers and experts in their fields. Lifelong Learning encourages you to expand your intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual horizons. Studies in wellness, aging, and brain health continue to demonstrate that learning through your lifetime is so important to remaining healthy and active. And, it is fun and enriching, as well.

Pursuing Lifelong Learning benefits you in many ways, including:

  1. More fully develop skills and natural abilities, and discover untapped interests
  2. Open the mind to new ideas
  3. Stimulate your curious, hungry mind
  4. Increase your wisdom as you use our experiences in learning and doing
  5. Unleash your creativity
  6. Adapt to change in the world around you as you keep “current”
  7. Find and create meaning in your life
  8. Keep involved as an active contributor to society
  9. Make new friends and establish valuable relationships
  10. Leads to an enriching life of self-fulfillment*

Informal classes, educational travel, serving in volunteer roles, and engaging with your peers—there are as many different pathways to Lifelong Learning as there are people. Just follow your dreams and pursue your passion, and your mind, body, and spirit will benefit!

North Shore Senior Center offers a place where you can find an expansive selection of lifelong learning opportunities in the arts and humanities, personal enrichment, creativity, healthy living, technology, social events, and much more. Enjoy all the benefits Lifelong Learning can bring to your life.

To learn more about the all that North Shore Senior Center offers, browse our classes here or email LifelongLearning@nssc.org.  

*Nordstrom, Nancy Merz and Jon F. Merz. Learning Later, Living Greater. First Sentient Publications, Boulder, CO. 2006