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Myrna and John Cruikshank, III: Steady and Committed Philanthropists

August 25, 2016

Janet Burgoon Philanthropic Excellence Award Winners for Outstanding Philanthropist.

In 2001, John Cruikshank, III joined the North Shore Senior Center Board of Directors and has never looked back. Eager to help the organization reach its potential, John became an unwavering booster for the Center. “I felt a very strong calling to help North Shore Senior Center be the best community resource it could be,” says John. “We serve an incredibly diverse group of people, and it’s tremendously gratifying to know that in some small way I, along with my wife Myrna, and fellow board members, can make a difference in the lives of those who need our services most.”

A year before joining the board herself, Myrna began to bring her mother to the Center’s highly regarded House of Welcome. “I needed a few hours of respite and the staff was consistently wonderful,” says Myrna of her experience. “I derived such peace of mind and that made things so much easier as we cared for my mother.”

Under John’s guidance the Center instituted for-profit programs. “Our financial health has always been front and center,” says John. “Without a strong balance, sheet we can’t provide the top-notch services we have become known for. Plus, with all the changes in Medicare, Medicaid, and the health insurance industry in general, it became crucial for us to be as cost efficient as possible and know the rules.”

The Cruikshanks have been consistent donors in time and money. Their example—and willingness to be leaders—is an inspiration to many others who want to participate in the Center’s continued success. “We’re so impressed by others who continue to support the Center,” says Myrna. “This collective commitment appeals not only to those who’ve given but to the next generation that wants the continuity and organizational strength that has made the Center such a beloved part of the community.”