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Generous Soul: Mitchell Slotnick

January 31, 2018

From being a professor at Loyola University’s Graduate Business School, to being a management consultant, to owning his own tour and travel business, Mitchell Slotnick has never been one to sit still. When asked why he hasn’t retired yet, Mitchell said, “I think it’s healthy to stay active in some type of way. I have been active my entire life, so the thought of stopping is worrisome. For me, it’s important to stay engaged and relevant both in business and in my many charitable endeavors.” 

Even though Mitchell is still currently working hard, his favorite thing is giving back. Mitchell wanted to get more involved in the Center but couldn’t commit a lot of his time, so when asked to join the Center’s Advisory Council this past year, he readily agreed. “What a wonderful feeling it is to give back. I was raised to always give back—my dad would’ve given the shirt off his back. This is what fueled my desire to give—even if it was just pennies as a kid,” he said.

Mitchell isn’t just a valued donor to the Center, but a cherished advocate. He helps spread the Center’s mission and explains that “North Shore Senior Center is filling a critical slot in our community.” He was originally drawn to the Center because of his good friend Joan Golder’s involvement. Mitchell said, “I was impressed with the area of social service and the fact that the Center is a recreational, social and educational facility. There is no institution on the greater North Shore like the North Shore Senior Center. We are truly fortunate to have a place like this in our backyard.”