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Generous & Caring Corporate Citizen

September 01, 2015

Janet Burgoon Philanthropic Excellence Award Winner for Dedicated Corporation

For years, Glenview State Bank has provided extensive leadership and sharp guidance to the North Shore Senior Center. Since its inception in 1921, this family-owned bank has been serving the community in ways that underscore its reputation as a solid, steady and generous corporate citizen.

“It is not only a tremendous honor to be given the Janet Burgoon Philanthropic Excellence Award for ‘Dedicated Corporation,’” says David Kreiman, executive vice president – director of marketing, “but also a reminder that we and other businesses—not just financial institutions—have a responsibility to give back and support the community that has contributed to our longevity.”

For Glenview State Bank, the growing senior population provides even more opportunities to serve. “It’s important that we understand what motivates our seniors and how we can help them be smart about their financial decisions and ultimately live as high a quality of life as possible,” adds David. “From health insurance to financial planning, the topics on seniors’ minds can be overwhelming, and we are here to help so that they can focus more on enjoying their lives.”

Glenview State Bank is also committed to helping seniors use online banking if that is their desire. “It’s a myth that the seniors shy away from technology,” says David. “Just look at the programs offered at NSSC on the topic. Our job is to make sure they’re optimizing the technology in ways that help them get the most out of their time and effort.”

Tax season can be a particularly vexing time, but over the years Glenview State Bank has made this must-do activity a little easier to handle for Center members. “We have a corps of volunteers who can help with logistics,” adds David. “Just providing access to copy machines can be a great help and it’s easy for us and simply the right thing to do.”

And as much as the bank appreciates the recognition by the Center, it is not an accolade or even an award that motivates its employees. It is the results and the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped make people’s lives easier. “The last thing our senior management—and everyone who works here—wants is a pat on the back,” notes David. “Our association with NSSC has deep roots and we plan to maintain those ties for years to come.”

Glenview State Bank’s commitment to North Shore Senior Center extends beyond its generous donations. The bank is proud to be aligned with the Center, its programs, and success rate. “The facility is so welcoming and continues to serve in ways that change people’s lives every day,” says David. “We’re proud to be aligned with such a high-quality organization.”

As a family-owned company, Glenview State Bank also is strongly committed to serving multigenerational families. “Solid family values are a big part of who we are,” says David. “Since we serve families of all ages, our desire to help the senior community is only natural—we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Glenview State Bank’s support of the senior community extends beyond the Center. Last year, the bank provided funds to the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation. Their donation is being used to support the Senior Crimestoppers program for low- to moderate-income seniors residing in a senior housing facility in Cook County.