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Enrich your Life with Lifelong Learning

July 10, 2017

Thousands of older adults have participated in activities at the Center during the last six decades. “This organization is important in giving them the opportunity to experience new things,” said Jordan Luhr, executive director of North Shore Senior Center. “To feel active, to give their life meaning. Without that, isolation becomes a real negative force; it affects their health and their longevity.”

Lifelong Learning offers a seemingly endless variety of activities to help seniors live fully. Lifelong Learning encourages you to expand your intellectual, social, physical and spiritual horizons. You can twist and shout on the dance floor or you can keep up with your fitness regimen by attending a yoga class. Enrich your life by learning culinary arts, joining one of our many arts and crafts classes, learning how to get the most out of your computer or expanding your knowledge on culture and politics.

Studies in wellness, aging and brain health continue to demonstrate that learning throughout your lifetime is important to remaining healthy and active. According to U.S. News & World Report, “one way to boost our chances of a satisfying retirement is to consider continuing our education.”  The article lists several reasons why lifelong learning is beneficial for seniors:

  • We get to pick the topics we want to learn. In retirement, our educational choices are no longer dictated by the requirements to complete a degree. Now is the time to pursue those off-the-beaten-path areas that truly spark our interest.
  • We have the time. I think one of the biggest challenges of retirement will be how to stay busy during all of the free time we inherit. Lifelong learning fills those potentially empty hours with interesting and engaging challenges.
  • Learning keeps us sharp. For retirees who no longer receive the stimulation that comes with a job and its challenges, it is easy to slow down and lose our edge. Learning and studying keeps the mind engaged and our thinking clear.
  • Learning keeps us socially engaged. While we were in school as younger people, most of our circle of friends came from classmates and those we interacted with in the school environment. Going back to school as retirees can open new channels of interaction and introduce us to new friends inside and outside of the classroom.

North Shore Senior Center’s Lifelong Learning department offers day trips, which provide seniors with an opportunity to venture out and have a unique experience that many would not normally partake in due to mobility and other constraints seniors face.

Vivian Mitchel, program manager of travel & enrichment, makes each trip a seamless experience for participants. She takes care of all the arrangements—comfortable transportation, luscious food, and fascinating adventures. Travelers simply register online, show up at the Center on the appointed day and time, climb aboard the deluxe bus, enjoy the day, and relax as they are driven back to the Center. No driving to the destination. No jostling for a parking spot. No tiring return drive.

As program manager for travel and entertainment in Lifelong Learning, Vivian’s skills, training and longtime event planning experience are invaluable. She organizes the two dozen trips available to senior travelers each year. Ranging in level of exertion from “one shoe” to “three shoes” (little to lots of walking), the trips are an eclectic sampling of architecture, sports, music, flora, art, culture, history and theater.

Last year, Lifelong Learning offered 638 classes and had 19,574 total enrollments. To learn more about the activities and classes offered at North Shore Senior Center, please visit https://goo.gl/qVk9mG or call 847.784.6030.