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Daily Money Management Fosters Peace of Mind

June 30, 2016

Almost everyone has concerns about money–whether it’s how to spend, save, or make it. Yet too many people ignore their finances, mostly because they perceive that money management is too difficult and stressful. But the more you know about what’s coming in (income) and going out (bills), the less anxiety you’re likely to experience. If you need help with your day-to-day finances, you might want to consider Daily Money Management from North Shore Senior Options.

While Daily Money Management does not involve estate planning or taxes, it does offer a tremendous amount of peace of mind. For a modest fee of $60 per hour, the service helps clients sift through what can often be a morass of disorganized and incomprehensible information. An experienced staff member meets with clients in their homes at mutually convenient times and becomes a trusted partner, someone whose goal is to make one’s life easier and less stressful.

“People everywhere—not just seniors—are often reluctant to share financial information even with experts,” says Daily Money Manager Laura Deremo. “But after an initial meeting our clients are so relieved, so grateful.”

Sometimes people are afraid to ask questions even though we all know “there are no dumb questions.” Staff is there to answer all questions, and if they don’t know the answer, they dig around until they do. Here are some of the ways Daily Money Management can help:

  • Managing your mail and organizing your papers
  • Bill-paying and preparing checks for signature
  • Preparing deposits and balancing accounts
  • Monitoring accounts for fraudulent charges
  • Maintaining computerized records
  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Establishing and adhering to budgets
  • Reviewing insurance statements
  • Reconciling medical bills
  • Organizing tax documents
  • Notary services
  • Office organizing
  • Coordinating with other professions like attorneys, tax preparers, and financial planners

Even if none of the items listed above resonates, but you still feel overwhelmed or would like to ask questions, feel free to contact a Senior Options Daily Money Manager. If you’re forgetting to pay bills, for instance, a Daily Money Manager can help you create a system so that you’ll always know when to make a payment. Or if you’re having trouble finding your checkbook, bank statement, or other financial documents, a Daily Money Manager can help you organize these items in ways that make them easily accessible.

“Sometimes people don’t exactly know what kind of help they need,” observes Deremo. “A short conversation can provide tremendous clarity and even some peace of mind.”

Not everyone requires the same kind of help. One person’s needs are as unique as the individual being served. “Everyone is different,” says Deremo, “and that means that needs vary from one person to the next. We provide customized services so that clients get exactly what they need.”

You might consider consulting with a trusted advisor, good friend or family member prior to signing up for the service. Even your family doctor may offer some insights into the efficacy of such a program. The more you know about how to manage your money, the better you will be at handling your day-to-day finances, and the time you took to worry can be spent on more enjoyable activities like being with friends, cooking, or just relaxing. 

For more information on Daily Money Management services, contact Laura Deremo at 847.784.6099 or lderemo@nssc.org