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60 Years of Service: Creativity

July 14, 2016

In celebration of North Shore Senior Center’s 60 Years of Service, we’d like to take the time each month in our blog to introduce you to a staff member that is making a difference for the better, in the lives of the people we serve. Without their dedication and hard work we would not be able to continue our mission enriching the lives of older adults and their families.

Running the gamut of the hundreds of stimulating and quality programs that Lifelong Learning schedules each year is Joan Waxman. Coming out of retirement six years ago to begin as a part-time employee in an effort to combine the reputation of North Shore Senior Center with partner organizations, Joan has used her own personal experience to develop courses the community has come to expect.

“By understanding my own perspective on what it meant to be an older adult, I became aware of the variety I wanted in life,” Joan shared, “and it’s a comfortable variety that the Center provides for our participants. They might come in for a morning lecture, chat with friends at the A&A Café over lunch, and then spend the afternoon at the fitness center.”

Joan is always tapping into more diverse and abundant programs for the 3,000 annual participants in Lifelong Learning. This past fall, she brought in 10 new instructors who branched out from topics like politics, the arts, and humanities to science, technology and beyond.

“Everyone I come across is so appreciative of what we do. They’re very open about telling us what they like or don’t like, which helps me keep our programs fresh and innovative.” And of course, Joan is ever grateful of the support and quality of the dozens of volunteers and staff. “We have an amazing core here and I honestly I could not do my job without their valuable assistance.”